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Who are we?

The Illinois Crisis Prevention Network consists of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in the social service community. These professionals originate from two of the largest and most respected agencies in the state of Illinois serving the intellectually disabled population. The teams are made up of skilled clinicians who work with individuals with severe behaviors and are struggling to maintain in their current home or placement. These behaviors can be difficult for families or staff to work with, disrupt their environment and can take an emotional toll on everyone living or working there. Team members can provide strategies to reduce or eliminate these behaviors, training for staff or caregivers to cope and work effectively with the clients and help locate resources in the community.

What is our goal?

We seek to maintain and strengthen relationships, utilize least intrusive interventions, and create supportive environments for each individual we serve. The individuals need to feel safe in their home(s) and like they are a valid part of their community. Other goals includes providing behavioral training to families and provider staff to help transition the community agencies serving this population from crisis management approach to crisis prevention. We seek to provide a renewed sense of hope and optimism to those families and/or providers. Subsequently, ICPN seeks to reduce the risk of a residential or short-term displacement for this population. In addition, the ICPN team seeks to create a meaningful database that list resources available in all counties, available via the web to all families and community providers to aid in the treatment and care of an individual.

ICPN Team Members

  • Behavior Analyst
  • Registered Nurse
  • QDDP (Qualified Developmental Disability Professional)
  • Director
Individuals who are being served may also have access to psychological and psychiatric services depending on their needs.